Risk-based Approach

Digitise and centralise your risk-based approach.

No more spreadsheets. No more point solutions. No more inconsistencies. Welcome to the compliance world of Source by First AML.

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More than box ticking.

Advanced risk posture

Build your risk assessments  in-platform with a flexible framework aligned to your compliance policies and risk appetite with weighed criteria and automatic scoring.

Automated ongoing CDD and ongoing monitoring for PEPs, sanctions and adverse media ensures ongoing compliance. 

Compliance management

Effortlessly manage your compliance through Source's intelligent features including:

Data management and analysis

Reduce risk and improve your team's efficiency with these key features:

Set risk thresholds

Trigger actions when risk levels exceed your risk appetite.

Accuracy at speed

Support staff to make well-informed decisions without negatively impacting customer relationships or jeopardising revenue.

Holistic visibility

Visual indicators give at-a-glance status. No more wondering if your client has responded or provided information.

Do it once, do it right.

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