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First AML is the KYC partner you need to support your company's desire to do the right thing while delivering an exceptional ROI. Meet your compliance requirements with scalability and fiscal responsibility in mind.

AML reporting

Clarity and confidence for every decision

Nuance and context tell the compliance story. Dig deeper, understand ‘why’ and make better informed, risk-aware decisions. Source by First AML empowers real-time ad hoc reporting so you can truly Understand Your Customer.

Comprehensive audit trails and audit-ready reports make audit time a pleasure. It’s a new era of compliance, where clarity and confidence guide every decision.

AML reporting

Ongoing Monitoring

Always up-to-date and accurate.

Ongoing CDD

Source by First AML delivers effortless Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD), delivering auto alerts to fundamental changes like beneficial ownership or document expiry.

PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

Real-time monitoring of over 1,100 PEPs and Sanctions lists worldwide with results delivered via exception-based reports.

Ongoing monitoring

Audit-ready. Always.

It's never been easier to build and follow an audit trail.

Source by First AML, automatically builds an audit trail as you go. Risk assessments, time stamps, exceptions, decision trails, audit logs... all available, all the time, all in one place.

Add auditors as 'read-only' users, allowing them to find what they need in a few clicks while ensuring customer privacy rights.

AML audit-ready

KYC and KYB publications for accounting firms.

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Your Complete Guide to Setting Up a Successful AML Compliance Programme

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First AML's simplicity and ease of use has streamlined and simplified the AML process, resulting in faster client onboarding.
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I’d recommend looking at First AML. It gives people a little more peace of mind.
Howard Ringrose Partner / MLRO

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