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Protect your school's legacy and reputation for years to come. First AML is the compliance partner you need to understand who is behind your school fees and mitigate the risk of negative press.

Identity Verification (IDV)

Experience one-click verifications.

It's just so easy. IDV results attach directly to the correct contacts and cases and if a verification doesn't pass, intelligent workflows step in, notifying clients and requesting the necessary information for completion.
You choose KYC verification settings accessed via global data sources, including 1,100+ real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists worldwide, 300+ corporate registries spanning 100 countries, and numerous reliable government ID databases and credit bureaus.

Identity Verification (IDV)

Ongoing Monitoring

Always up-to-date and accurate.

Ongoing monitoring

Source by First AML delivers effortless ongoing monitoring, delivering auto alerts to fundamental changes like beneficial ownership or document expiry.

PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

Real-time monitoring of over 1,100 PEPs and Sanctions lists worldwide with results delivered via exception-based reports.

Ongoing monitoring

Risk-based approach, not just box ticking.

Source is your gateway to a transformed compliance programme.

It digitises and centralises your risk-based approach, bidding farewell to spreadsheets and inconsistencies.

With a focus beyond mere compliance, Source empowers you to enhance your risk posture. Build risk assessments with precision, guided by a flexible framework aligned with your policies. Benefit from automated ongoing compliance, effortlessly manage your compliance operations, and enhance your risk management capabilities. Enjoy holistic visibility and robust security.

Risk-based approach

KYC publications for schools.

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First AML has removed friction and materially decreased verification delays from our customer due diligence process.
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First AML offers outsized operational impact and we've never had a customer complaint.
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